How to mail merge and send an email with multiple attached PDFs

pdfMachine merge is a tool which will mass email personalized PDF attachments. The contents of rows from a CSV or Excel data source is used to fill out the personal content in the email and PDF. Using pdfMachine merge you can mass send a number of personalized PDFs as attachments to a single email. The attachments can be :

Attachments which have the same layout

To send documents with the same layout but with different personal information (obtained from consecutive rows of the data source) use the "Each row creates an attachment" method. eg a student completes an award and receives a graded certificate for each course, consecutive rows of the data source have the information for a certificate. Or an email with multiple invoices, consecutive rows of the data source have the information for an invoice.

See how.

Attachments which have different layouts

Documents with different layouts that use the same row of the data source to populate the merge fields are attached as "Dynamically Generated Attachments" in the merge profile. For example a letter and a certificate that will go in the same email.

Click the "Add PDF Attachment" link to add an additional attachment that will be generated from the merge data.

Attachments which already exist

Static documents : Documents that already exist eg brochures. You can attach any documents from your file system.

Click the 'Attach' link to add a document that already exists

Existing PDFs : Existing PDFs that are different for each email yet require encryption. When existing PDFs are attached you can even use information from the data source to point to a specific (existing) PDF file to attach, eg PDFs that have been produced from another system. The entry in the Template File must have a ".pdf" suffix for a merge field to take affect. You can encrypt the PDF and add a personal password from a merge field. Any options enabled in pdfMachine that apply on PDF creation will be applied to the PDF (merge fields cannot be used in the options).