How do I register pdfMachine?

When you purchase pdfMachine you will receive a registration code via email. This needs to be entered into pdfMachine. It looks something like:


(note: this is not a valid code, but looks similar)

Click here for instructions on how to register for the free version (pdfMachine white).

You need to manually "copy and paste" the registration code.  Please do not type it, as it is easy to make a mistake.

Bring up the pdfMachine options from the Windows Start Menu :
All Programs | Broadgun Software | Enter pdfMachine registration details.

register pdfmachine

Enter your registration code here and click "Register".

Version Protection Codes

Note that if you have recently purchased "version protection" you will have to enter your "version protection" registration code into a registered copy of pdfMachine. If you are performing a fresh installation then make sure you enter your original registration code (pdfMachine office, pro or ultimate) and then your version protection code.

If you enter a version protection key into an unregistered pdfMachine installation there will be no product for the version protection to apply against. You will get a NoProductFound error.

register pdfmachine

Note for Administrators:

Registration delayed until next use - You will only see this if you are running pdfMachine in admin mode. (e.g. right click, run as "admin"). This is helpful if you are installing on behalf of someone else and don't want to use a registration code for your own user account. e.g. you are an administrator, logged on under your admin account, you register the software on behalf of the regular user of the machine. After you register and exit, the regular user logs in and starts pdfMachine. pdfMachine will then be registered under the "regular user" account. To make this happen you should paste in the registration code, check the Delay Registration checkbox and then click Register.