Stamp / Watermark

Text and images can be placed on every page of the PDF file.   The stamps can be selected, moved around, resized and rotated by clicking and dragging on the preview window.

When a stamp is selected, grab points will appear on the edges allowing resizing. A small yellow circle will appear above the top centre of the stamp. When clicked this allows the user to rotate the selected stamp.

The "insert image" button allows images to be placed.


Stamp Text This is the text that appears as the watermark.  There are 14 standard stamps, however you can add your own, just by typing in this combo box.  Your customized stamps will be remembered at the start of the list. Multi line stamps can be used by using the Return key to insert the new line.

Sophisticated tags and control characters to include things as timestamps, auto incrementing numbers, document name and environment variables can be inserted. 
- This button will remove the current selection in Stamp Text from the list of available stamps. Only stamps that were not provided by default with pdfMachine can be deleted.
all pages If checked then the stamps will appear on every page of the document. Otherwise, just the first page.
Font This is the font that the stamp will use.
Font size The size in points of the text.
Page Size The size of the page on the right.  Stamps are placed relative to the lower left corner of the page.
Insert Image You can select a bitmap mage to use as a stamp.