Multiple print profiles

If you find yourself often changing pdfMachine options or you are applying a tool repetitively then using muliple print profiles may be helpful.

Multiple pdfMachine printers can be created such that each pdfMachine print profile performs a set task.

For example, you may wish to have a pdfMachine print profile which always secures PDFs while you have another print profile which does not secure PDFs. Rather than having to apply the security (or not) each time you create a PDF you can set the security once in the options and then just print to the appropriate printer.

	pdfMachine secured
Options set with encryption enabled (28 bit RC4) disallowing any changes and allowing printing.
Broadgun pdfMachine
Options left at default.
pdfMachine signed by John
Options set to have John's digital signature automatically applied".

Add / Remove Printers

To add or remove print profiles you must run pdfMachine with elevated permissions (run as Administrator). Multiple "print profiles" can be setup by selecting "Edit -> Add/Remove Printers" from the menu.  You can also create a new print profile from a command line.

Connect Prompts the user to connect to a pdfMachine printer that has been "shared out" on the network.
Add Prompts the user for a printer name then creates the printer and adds it to the list.
Remove Removes the currently selected printer.

After adding a print profile a new menu item will be created under Broadgun Software for the options, eg "pdfMachine secured options". Use this menu item to setup that profile as desired.

Creating a new print profile from the command line

You can also create a new profile from the command line.  Its a little bit tricky...

  1. Download the pdfMachine.exe self-extracting zip file.
  2. Unzip pdfMachine.exe into a temporary directory using a zip utility. eg Winzip, or 7zip.
  3. If your system does not have pdfMachine installed, run bgssetup.exe (from the temporary directory) ie: bgssetup.exe -printer="pdfMachine printer 2"
  4. Now you have created a printer called "pdfMachine printer 2" with its own configuration options.
  5. Run: bgssetup.exe -quiet -addPort -printer="pdfMachine printer 3"
  6. This will create a printer called "pdfMachine printer 3" with its own configuration options. The -quiet option prevents a user interface.