Pages can be scanned and converted to PDF using pdfMachine. The scan can be triggered from the Start menu or from within pdfMachine. The scanned pages can be automatically appended to the currently open document by selecting the "Edit | Append pages from Scanner" menu option in the pdfMachine viewer program.  The option invokes the pdfScanMachine program.


If OCR is selected, then once scanned the page can be converted to searchable text that will be stored invisibly within the PDF when saved. This allows readers of the PDF to search the PDF for the text, and also to copy and paste the converted text. pdfMachine uses optical character recognition(OCR) technology to convert the scanned pages into text. Conversion to text by OCR is not 100% accurate. pdfMachine pro is required to use the OCR function. For details on using OCR within pdfMachine click here.


pdfScanMachine is the pdfMachine program that produces a PDF file from a WIA or TWAIN compliant scanner. This program can be invoked from the Windows Start menu, under the "Broadgun Software" folder.  It can also be invoked from the Pages menu within pdfMachine.

Multipage Support

If your scanner has an automatic document feeder then a multiple page PDF can be produced.

If your scanner does not have a document feeder you can use the pdfMachine "use last settings" menu item to repeat the scan without having to go through the scan user interface again.

If the pdfMachine viewer window is open then  the scanned image is automatically appended to the PDF in the open viewer.

JBIG2 compression

If a black and white image is selected, the resulting PDF file uses JBIG2 compression which produces produces very small file sizes.

Scanner driver selection 

Most modern scanners ship with WIA2 and TWAIN drivers. Selection is a matter of personal preference.  Its worth trying out different driver options to see what suits you best.   If a particular driver option is not available for selection its worth checking the scanner manufacturer website for a driver update.

TWAIN - If this is selected then the scanner driver user interface is used to complete the scanning process. After pressing "Next", select which TWAIN driver you wish to use.  Select the one which refers to the scanner you want to use.  TWAIN then allows you to select your settings and start the scan.  Once the TWAIN scan completes, the pages will be opened as a PDF in the pdfMachine editor, where you can edit / rotate pages / email etc. the PDF.


WIA2 Profiles - Uses Windows built in scanning profile support.  Scanning profiles can be created, saved and reused in different scanning applications.


Setting the filename

The output filename can contain various control characters and tags to give sophisticated naming of the PDF file.

For details, please read output filename